Fatty Boom Cha

22 01 2014

It is 9am and already it is a sad day… I did a weigh and measure! I am probably close to being the heaviest I have been for a long time (mind you, this is the weight that I seem to sit at when I don’t worry about what goes in my mouth).  I have been eating primal for a month now, and no weight change.  I had a google last night as to reasons why this could be.  Mark Sisson on his “Daily Apple” blog (http://www.marksdailyapple.com/17-reasons-youre-not-losing-weight/#axzz2MjsT1cyb) has some good ideas, of which I am going to try out (cut out fruit, nuts and watch portion sizes).  I am also going to try and increase my exercise.  The paleo concept is to move like the caveman moved – slow and steady with bursts of energy.  Lots of walking, some sprints and weight training should do the trick.  I am currently weight training twice a week and walking in between, but not much else – school holidays is my excuse.  In two weeks, the toe-rags will be back at school and I won’t have any excuse!

Onwards and upwards!



17 01 2014



My standard breakfast has usually been some cereal with perhaps some yogurt and fruit…. but of course with my primal diet I have had to have a complete swing on my thought process for breakfast.  I am a big google chick, and like to find out information online, so have found lots of different websites that I like and have taken recepies from.  One in particular that I like was grated kumera with some cheese and made into a fritter.  Not only is it very tasty, but more importantly it has given me something to put my egg on!  When bread is outta the question, the egg kind of swims around the plate a bit.  Problem solved with this delicious fritter.  I have changed it up a bit sometimes, and had grated carrot with some cheese and mix in with an egg and a splash of salt and pop into the fry pan.  Breakfast in minutes – yummo!

I am baaaaack!

13 01 2014

It has been a long time – too long in fact. My year just went downhill after I caught pneumonia. I took many months to recover and lost my mojo in regards to eating properly and exercising properly. Since then I have pigged out and loved it, but at the same time felt like crap and have put weight on. The feeling of being bloated, lethargic, podgy and sluggish finally got to me, and on 27th December I decided to cut out the sugar. Big bold move really since that cuts out pretty much everything I was eating. Not only did I decide to cut out the sugar, I decided to cut out the grains. Oh my… what does one eat then? After lots of reading and google searching I discovered that there is a lot I could eat… and some wise guy has a name for it – Primal Food, or Caveman eating. Apparently there is a fad out there and this is a way of life.

I am well into my Primal journey now and I have to say that I feel GREAT! I am not feeling so sluggish anymore and absolutely NO bloating which is fantastic. If this does not become a weightless journey then at least I am feeling good. I have to be organised and disciplined, especially as my family is not a primal family, so there are lots of temptations in the house. Cafe’s generally do not supply much primal food, but it is being creative and adjusting and having a back up plan for those days when I am eating out.

Join me as I blog more about my primal life – the ups and downs and the foooood! Yum!

Down and out

11 03 2013

So, back to the doc today. My ear infections are not clearing up and I wanted to get an update on my pneumonia. Good news – one ear had cleared up. Bad news – the other ear had not. Worse news – pneumonia is going to take week/months to clear up completely and NO exercise for quite a while.

Now for someone like me who is 1. Usually quite active and 2. Trying to loose weight; this is pretty much devastating news. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are people out there a lot worse off than me, however, in my world, this news just sucks.

I am told to rest and if I am feeling better, to rest some more, as doing too much, too soon, will just make me worse. Stink. So, here I am sitting in front of the TV watching Ellen. I have not stooped low enough to watch Jeremy Kyle – if that ever happens, can so done please call the mental health services!!!

I have said this before, and I need to say it again….nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. That is the only way that I am going to loose weight while couch bound. The great thing about wifi and google, is that I can look up cool recipes and healthy ideas then make yummy, healthy things for my family and I (not that I am in the kitchen – don’t tell the doc!!) 🙂


A new day…

8 03 2013

The sun is shining, the birds are tweeting. Today is a new day. Yesterday was crappy, but that is now in the past. The Little Bandit was an angel this morning, giving me lots of cuddles and being a gentle, loving darling!

It has been a busy morning so far, I got up, went to the bathroom, made a coffee and a, now back in bed. I feel exhausted. I know I over did it yesterday, and the emotional drain of Little Bandit’s outburst has taken its toll. Not only do I have pneumonia but I also have two ear infections, which are still bugging me. I have been sitting here in bed, with the door open, to a glorious day, wondering how long I am going to take to get over this dreaded pneumonia. Any ‘research’ that I have done on google does not look like there is any fast fix. Sigh – don’t they know I have a family, a full time job and a sick Dad to help look after!!!

However….on my new positive, sunny day, I have realised that I need to look after myself and that means nutrition. I can’t exercise, so I need to get over that. I may not be able to exert my body for a couple of weeks, so it is up to what I choose to throw down my gob. So far this week, 90% of what I have been throwing down my gob has been instant food, high in calories and no doubt sugar. I think my lips glossed over half an apple the other day…. Not really the best for someone who is down.

12wbt has made it easy – all I have to do, is choose my meals, make sure I have the ingredients and then ensure THAT is what I am eating. After all, isn’t weight loss 90% nutrition?



7 03 2013


As I sit here and write, Master 8 is in the middle of a melt down.  I am sitting here trying to be calm cause I am still sick with pnuemonia.  Okay, the real reason I am sitting here, is because I do not know what to do.  Master 8 simply needs to get in the bath, but he is refusing.  He is mad at me because I changed my mind about letting him have McDonalds for dinner – god forbid!  That was about an hour ago…

He has already tipped over his bookshelf in his room, thrown some cushions and clothes around, tipped over a kitchen chair, yelled and screamed, huffed and puffed and slammed a door or two.  He has even tried to bargain with me (can I have a bath after my dinner) but I am so tired of this behaviour that I am standing my ground.

He is reflecting all of the blame onto me.  He obviously tested the water and came and said it was too cold, and I said it was probably because the bath has been sitting there waiting for a while, but he was more than welcome to put some more warm water in – and he said the reason he hasn’t got in is because of me!  What the?

He has told me that he hopes I get hit by a truck and that he wants a new mummy… and you know what?  Right now, I just hope that I can crawl under the duvet and hide from this nasty, horrible boy that I have created.

He has lost his ipod for the rest of today and tomorrow, and I have cleared out his favourite toys out of his room – I would have cleared it all out but ran out of breath!!

How is this related to flogging fat?  Well apart from me wanting to tan someone’s hide…. it is stress, and stress causes appetite change.  Mine is already low to none due to pnuemonia but this kind of stress makes it worse.  The behaviour is time consuming and I feel I have wasted an hour of my life dealing with Master 8. I don’t feel like cooking, I don’t feel like eating.

I am worried about this kid, and his behaviour – he is way too old to be having tanty’s.

I am worried that I am sick and can’t exercise and am not working.

I am worried that my fitness is disappearing before my eyes.

I am worried that I am too tired to help my little brat.

Posting and Pneumonia

4 03 2013

So I have noticed that I have neglected my blog quite a bit lately.  It is not for lack of thinking about dear blog, as I have, often.  I have thought about many things that I could post, and in fact have started a couple of posts – but nothing has been published – until now.

One of the reasons that I have not posted, is that I have not had many ‘wins’ in the weightloss area.  I have been moving up and down the scales, within about 1kg, and it is frustrating me.  I have been exercising a fair amount and eating mostly clean.  It feels as thought my body has hit a plateau, however I thought that seen as I have only lost 5kg (and still have another 15kg to go), that it would be way to early to plateau?  But then what would I know?

What has caused me to get off my butt and onto the computer to blog now, is that suddenly I have a whole lot more time…. and that is because I am sick.  Well, kind of sick.  I went to the doctor this morning as I have had a cold for a couple of days, but I have also found it hard to breathe, and noticed gurgling in my chest – oh, and I had a sore ear.  Sure enough, I have an ear infection, but surprisingly, I also have pneumonia.  That surprised me as I have only been unwell since Thursday, and I was under the impression pneumonia came after you had been sick a while.  Good old Google has since advised me otherwise.

Google has also advised me that, regardless of how I feel, I should not be exercising or it is going to make my pnuemonia worse, and land me in hospital.  Now that kinda sucks as they (google and doctor) say it could be at least a couple of weeks before I am better – WHAT THE??!!

What does one do all week, when one cannot go to work, and one cannot exercise?  I mean, there is only so much coffee one can drink!